Of A New Beginning

‘Tell me, who are you, alone, yourself and nameless?’

I’m back.

Or, perhaps more appropriately, I’m finally beginning. I’ve made a couple of attempts at blogging since letting my Live Journal fade into obsolescence, but it has never lasted more than one or two posts before my drive and desire to write abandoned me. The problem, other than my inherent laziness, was just a lack of things to say. I’ve been wanting to start writing again for quite a while, but I’ve had a hard time deciding what to write about. The most obvious topics would be Magic and baseball; however, I really don’t believe that either of them would hold my interest in writing for long. I already discuss both topics heavily on Twitter and, quite frankly, I don’t have that much to say that other writers don’t already cover.

So then what am I doing here if I have nothing to write about? Well, I’m envisioning this as sort of an anti-Live Journal. Whereas my Live Journal was very much a record of who I was at that point in time, this is going to be the story of my journey to become the person I want to be.

Who I want to be. Huh, almost seems like I don’t think I should be who I am, right? Well, I don’t. If I were forced to describe myself, the adjectives I would are: musician, bookworm, baseball analyst, foodie, Magic player, gamer, film buff, metrosexual. The problem is those things don’t really describe me very well anymore.  It’s been months since I picked up drumsticks or a guitar pick. I spend more time reading about Magic than actually playing the game. The number of movies I saw in theatres in the past year can probably be counted on both hands. I don’t even bother shaving anymore until my neck beard starts getting bad. Seriously, what kind of metrosexual doesn’t groom himself to a ridiculously high standard?

I miss being all of those things. Being able to rock out a sick beat at the drop of a hat or dominating a movie trivia game or making a slick game-winning play that leaves my opponent slack jawed, or just being the best dressed person in every room I walk into. All things that I have been… and all things that I want to be again. You know, basically the geek equivalent of the proverbial ‘Renaissance Man.’

So basically, there’s going to be a degree of introspectiveness that most people aren’t used to me actually voicing. There will be likely be plenty of humorous moments as I fail miserably. And, of course, the occasional random post about movies or baseball or whatever. So if that sounds interesting to you, stick around as I figure out who I am and hopefully wind up not so alone or nameless as I began.

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